Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No Wind in My Sails

Ah, fuck it this morning.

Maybe later today I'll have some tobacco juice worth spitting into the can.

For the record, only:
  • More Big Fun.

    Blogger Tim Lucas said...

    No Roger Corman birthday blog? Tsk, tsk...

    Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

    Steve...write a goddamn book or blog on the following topics:

    Why you left comics
    Why work for hire sucks
    Why Alan Moore got pissed off
    Why the 1963 annual didn't come off
    Why Tundra was a mix of highs and lows
    Why DC blows

    Then tell everyone that these screeds are the final words on the various subjects. Don't go to forums and rehash the same damn things.

    Everyone can then move on.

    Notice I didn't ask you to address my previous topic of why you prefer movies with actors getting maggots blown into their faces over seeing nekkid female breasts.
    That can be one of your new topics.

    It must be in that Catholic upbringing that you want to continue punishing yourself.


    Your Uptight Protestant Friend
    Lil Mikey Dobbs

    Blogger Marky Mark said...

    You left comics???

    Please explain!

    Blogger SRBissette said...

    Ah, Tim, I sang Happy Birthday to Roger this morning, though -- well, not TO him, but, you know, in my head.

    Mike & Mark: Thanks, amigos!


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