Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Meeting Creepy Classics

Some of you may recall my article in Video Watchdog and posts last year about the Edison's Frankenstein DVD; well, the dealer I first purchased it from (at CineFest) was at CineFest again this year, and I made sure to spend some time (and money) at his table this time around.

Pennsylvania-based Ron Adams and Mike (sorry, Mike, I forget your last name just now) were the folks behind the Creepy Classics display, and momentous selection of genre DVDs it was, too. I found so many goodies that Marj was twice able to 'raid' my stash for the coming Christmas season (yep, we plan and shop well ahead) during the show -- so, I'll have to thank Ron & Mike again come the yule. Top of my selection were all the previously-unfound Mexican monster movies I could find, along with choice vintage rarities like the US That They May Live edit of Abel Gance's J'Accuse (1937) and more. It was a bountious haul, and I've days of fine viewing ahead! If I'd had the dough-ray-me to blow, I'd have purchased much more.

Ron also edits and publishes Monster Bash magazine (four issues to date, I think) and helms the annual PA Monster Bash convention, too. You can shop Ron's Creepy Classics treasures yourself online at
  • CreepyClassics.com
  • Tell him I sent you!

    (More CineFest experiences to follow...)


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