Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shit Telling the Turd "You Stink"...

Why mince words?

The news in the US is becoming increasingly surreal.

Cheney's shooting of his millionaire hunting amigo Harry has turned into the scandal that should be kicking up over Libby's admission that his "superiors" ordered the leaking of top-secret info: it's called treason.

But, no, it's the shooting that's tipped the Washington D.C. press corps into outrage.

In response, those outraged over the hubbub over Cheney and the White House's delayed reporting of the shooting are shouting louder, arguing that Cheney and the shooting victim's privacy should be observed -- though, of course, it was the Republicans who led the relentless witch-hunt against the most private of acts of our prior President, working backwards from the desire to impeach until they found something grotty enough (blowjobs in the White House) to conflate into a national scandal.

Meanwhile, the most scandalous betrayals of the public trust I have ever seen in my lifetime simply isn't enough to provoke impeachment of the dogs in power, or even much discussion of impeachment.

And as all this is and isn't happening, the 'down-the-rabbit-hole' madness of officials like Condi Rice calling for Iran to change its ways for, word for word, doing what the current Administration has done since 9/11; of Rice urging America mount invitations to Iran scholars to come and study in the US, as if anyone even remotely linked with Iran would sensibly consider coming to the land of the "be-seized-by-the-police-and-locked-up-indefinitely-without-prosecution-just-cuz-we-say-so" -- and of Rice asking for billions to mount propaganda and information 'wars' in countries we've already demonized and angered via our (and her) aggressive pre-emptive war policies based on faulty and/ornonexistent intelligence; of investigations of tech firms like Google and Yahoo for doing in China what the current US Administration has illegally demanded from the same tech firms (and the phone company) while insisting it's entirely legal, and during the same hearings China being scourged for its human rights record as more images of our own military torture of detainees and prisoners come to light and the UN demands the US immediately shut down Guantanemo Bay and release all detainees.

I could go on, but what's the point.

The fact of the matter is, like the Danish cartoons proving to be the tipping-point 'enough is enough' humiliation for Islamic nations that have been under the thumbs of Western power since at least the post-WW1 redefinition of their national borders, the Washington DC press corps has had enough.

After five+ years of this Administration's shit, they're finally beginning to lash out. I hope they press harder -- and on more vital matters.

It's not about the shooting, any more than the ongoing protests overseas are really about the cartoons.


Criswell once again --

"I Predict -- that a well-known movie actor of purest-white reputation -- a veritable All-American-Boy will be arrested in October, 1969, on a charge of White Slavery. It will be exposed that this man and several of his colleagues have kept more than thirty young 'runaway' girls in slavery in the secretly excavated basement of his Beverly Hills Mansion -- where they have performed inhuman acts of sadism on these young girls, and have seven of them."


Blogger Marky Mark said...

And you, my friend?
No comment on my MUM graphic? What are you afraid of? Whjy can't you face the music??? This is a tipping point, sir - we have had just about enough of your [bold]shit![/bold]

Blogger SRBissette said...

Hey, mum on the mum, amigo.

Besides, it just wasn't that funny. Really, Mark. You're slipping.

Blogger Marky Mark said...

Well, have you seen VINYL or not?

Blogger SRBissette said...

Jesus Christ you're tecchy and demanding. That vaca didn't calm you down at ALL! If you're like this on Sunday, I'm gonna dump a liter of ice water down your pants without hesitation.

You mean Andy Warhol's VINYL from the '60s? Yep. You mean that new flick VINYL? Nope.

Blogger Marky Mark said...

I specifically asked you about the documentary about obsessive record collectors VINYL because I will give you a dupe of it Sunday if you have not seen it. It is very good. I specifically asked you!!! I DEMAND that you enjoy it! Have you seen it or not? It has been DAYS since this question arose, and you still continue to duck and cover.

Hey, I just noticed - you actually said
"Dick Cheney's REPORTEDLY accidental shooting of bla bla bla"!


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