Sunday, February 12, 2006

After the storm...

Well, up here in Marlboro, VT, we ended up with just shy of 7 inches of snow.

We're all shoveled out, and Marj and I painted a room that had been malingering, I touched up paint all about the house (we'd excavated and matched the exact color originally applied to our walls when we moved in back in April of 2002), and I finished and turned in the script I've been working on most of the winter (one of four; second of those four is about done, too, for later-this-week delivery). Got a chunk of work done on my sample chapters for my book projects for my agent, and also made some more headway on cataloguing the illustration material for We Are Going to Eat You. So, productive day, stuck at home in the storm.

Now to go upstairs and relax with Marj -- maybe there's something on TV? If not, we've got thousands of DVDs to choose from!


Blogger Marky Mark said...

Good day to watch Dunston!

1.5 inches here. We only got the edge of the Great Blizzard of '06.

My verification word is fxnuc!

Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

Ten inches in Springfield. I win!

Anonymous Sp in FL said...

You suckers. Never again for me. In the last week I have meet four or five people who have never even seen snow. Hah!


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