Monday, February 06, 2006

A brief note on the first day of the hearings...

The first day of Senate hearings on the President's highly suspect wiretapping program has been fascinating; it's still ongoing as I type this.

One observations: are all these Senators Americans? I can't believe some of the apologists for Bush and Gonzales's actions who are condoning this program.

This Administration has hardly proven to be trustworthy. Time and time again, they've proven otherwise.

Despite Republican Senator Arlen Specter's statement that this program violates the law, he opened this morning's session with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales about the president's illegal domestic spying program by refusing (declining?) to have Gonzales swear to tell the truth (!).

How many times have we seen/heard key members of this Administration decline, or not even be required to, take the oath every other American citizen has to take under similar circumstances? Very suspect. They truly are above the law.

The Washington Post has already debunked a key Bush administration claim, reporting that the program has already combed the communications of thousands of innocent Americans... and natch, Bush's White House has stonewalled. Gonzales maintains a "trust us" position tirelessly, along with refuting any attempts to questions any aspect of "operational details" for security reasons. Round and round it goes.

Riveting listening...


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