Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Have a
Hully-Gully Christmas

This Christmas card was created by
one of my first-ever publishers,
the loving Larry Shell,
of Shel-Tone fame,

posted here with Larry's
very kind permission.

Have a Hully-Gully Christmas,

Note: The comics adaptation
of Irvin S. Cobb's Fishhead,
adapted by Larry Shell,
Michael H. Price

and Mark Evan Walker, is
  • previewed here -- enjoy!
  • The first chapter adapts
    the famous Cobb pulp story,
    but the subsequent chapters
    are Larry's invention,
    collaborating with old amigo
    Price and artist Walker;
    bountiful bayou fun!

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    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    Did you know:

    The cake on Mrs. Dubrow's gown changes between shots.

    When Lionel gets his glasses off the cucumber woman's chest he is holding the end of them. When the camera changes he is not touching the glasses at all. When it goes back to the first camera he is touching them again.

    When Dunston goes into the spa and takes the cucumber off of the woman's face, it remains missing. But when Mr. Grant comes in, the cucumber is back on her face.

    Blogger James Robert Smith said...




    Blogger dogboy443 said...

    And the Beat Goes On.


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