Sunday, December 16, 2007

Afternoon Bulletin: My Fave DVDs of 2007 --

  • -- are now posted on the Video Watchblog. Here's the link. Thanks, Tim, looking forward to your lists tomorrow -- Check it out, and post your comments on my list here, let's chat about it!

  • Use the link I posted earlier today (below) to the Watchblog in its entirety to sample all the 'Favorite DVDs of 2007' lists; as noted, all worth reading and building your own 'must see/must have' lists for 2008.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Steve, a fun list (as they all are so far) but please note -

    WHITE DOG has just been listed on the Criterion newsletter as coming out from them very shortly.

    FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET is literally days away (Dec 20th) from hitting Xploited via an English-friendly, German sourced 16x9 disc taken from a vintage European theatrical print. Only 1000 copies of this new FLIES disc were apparently pressed, and the buzz of anticipation on various forums has been noisy, so betcha it will sell out quick. Xploited has stuck it up for pre-order at the following link, and a recent Mobius thread has screenshots. Not perfect, but way better than any other version that's surfaced anywhere to date. I'm getting myself one for Christmas. Grab it via the link here:

    Blogger Mark Martin said...


    Blogger SRBissette said...

    Mark, Dunston is so NOT this year. Get with the program.

    Thanks, Anthony -- Tony at Xploited is holding my copy for me, and I appreciate the heads up! Here's hoping the Criterion rumor of WHITE DOG is true. Curious, too, that both 4 FLIES and WHITE DOG were Paramount releases, as were Bakshi's COONSKIN (long overdue on DVD), William Castle's final film SHANKS with Marcel Marceau, etc.


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