Monday, August 13, 2007

Rovin' Rove Hits the Road...

"I'm grateful to have been a witness to history. It has been the joy and the honor of a lifetime," says Presidential Advisor Karl Rove...

I heard the news about an hour ago, and the news stories just popped up online about 20 minutes ago.

If only Vice President Cheney and President Bush would follow suit.

If it weren't for Karl Rove, it's unlikely Bush would be in the White House. It's unlikely, had Rove and Bush never met, that Bush even would have gone after the Presidency (and that's not leftist propaganda; that's according to every Bush biography I've read, pro-Bush and anti-Bush). Rove can be held personally accountable for a great deal about what America has become, has gone, and the current dire state of our nation and the world.

Watch this sonuvabitch; he's hardly out of the picture, just out of the picture he's been in for the past 7+ years...
  • Here's the Yahoo News report,
  • here's an outline-format overview of Rove and President Bush's relations,
  • and the immediate reactions to Rove's departure (as of 12 minutes ago).

  • It ain't over yet; I for one hope the ongoing investigations continue beyond President Bush's tenure, beyond the reach of his likely Presidential pardons...

    Have a great Monday.

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    Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

    Mark must have stopped reading your blog while on vacation.

    Rove is another in a line of "powers behind the throne" that have cropped up at the presidential level...a power, by the way, we did not elect.

    Rove, like Cheney, has no regard for anything other than the attainment of power.

    Truly evil.


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