Friday, August 10, 2007

Draft, Anyone?

I posted the link earlier this evening (see post, below) within seconds of NPR posting the Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute interview online (which I heard on tonight's All Things Considered just before my earlier post today), and
  • Yahoo has picked up the lead, along with other news sources and venues.

  • No doubt the White House and Pentagon will be spinning in the other direction by tomorrow AM.

    Have a -- weekend.



    Blogger James Robert Smith said...

    It's difficult for any nation to keep up with that level of mass murder with just volunteers.

    Blogger Jon H Ayre said...

    Many ways to look at it:

    Don't take the blue pill - ignorance is bliss,


    When you live on the thin dry crust that tops a giant vat of liquid shit, it's best not to scratch the surface.


    3) Those few who woke up and smelled the proverbial are impotently incensed.


    Not through war will this world end,
    Nor earthquake great,
    Nor plunging, flaming comet.
    No deity will smite our land,
    In wrath at our sins.
    No sudden cataclysm,
    Wrought by our abuse,
    Of lands on which we dwell.

    No pestilence or plague,
    Dreamt up by those,
    Clad white in coats of science.
    Instead one thing will bring us low,
    As each cries out,
    "Do something quick!",
    To those perceived to hold the power,
    But nothing still is done.

    As each despairs,
    To see the waste in every act,
    To see the wrongs Inflicted on our kin.
    "To keep us safe",
    Comes the excuse,
    And blindly plunging on,
    They propagate their wrongs,
    Whilst we do nothing.

    And so it is through apathy,
    Through lack of will or want,
    That worlds of men will come to end,
    Quietly with protest none.
    And so I place my pen back down,
    Read through the words here wrote,
    And quietly and patiently,
    Do nothing.



    Yours (cynically twisted)
    Jon H Ayre


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