Saturday, July 07, 2007


Blogger Mark Martin said...


(serious question)

Blogger HemlockMan said...

As if W. Moron and President Cheney will actually resign just because Obermann demanded it.

Blogger dogboy443 said...

Great words...too bad they will fall on deaf ears.

The Other Mark M.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Because -- the America of Bush and Cheney is so far from any concept, ideal or experience of my home country that I have felt like an alien in my own nation for too long.

Because I'm at last hearing, on a major broadcast venue, what I hear and think and feel and have said, articulated better than I can, and what many other (now a majority) of Americans hear and think and feel and have said.

Because six years of this President and Administration, who have done so much to corrupt, undermine and actively subvert the principals of democracy, is at last being called on the carpet in a corporate broadcast venue.

Because the spirit of Edward R. Murrow is at last evident in what the television industry has become.

Because President Bush has finally gone beyond the boundaries of the law in such a simple, deft, arrogant stroke that it's a relief to hear someone with a voice recognize the gravity of the moment; that it is consequential, does have a clear historical precedent, and CANNOT be ignored.

Because enough is enough, Mark.

And it's heartening to hear that voiced, as it should be, as it must be.

Blogger Mark Martin said...

Good grief, you must live under a rock if you think that viewpoint is "at last" being heard on a major broadcast venue. Seriously! If that is what has you tearing your hair out you may want to chill, because it has been happening all along. That is not just my opinion, I can get you examples.

On the other hand, I may have depressed you more than ever. If you think the major outlets and the sheep are just now waking up, the hard reality is that this is not a new sentiment. And probably won't lead to any major change now, any more than it has in the past. I could be wrong, the many stupid things Bush has done to alienate his base, along with his USA vs terrorists obsession that drives you koo-koo - the cumulative effect could drum him out. But I doubt it.

I still love the way you use ALL CAPS when you are frustrated! You simply CANNOT stop doing that!!!

By the way, have you seen Michael Yon's blog?

I know you love reading first-hand experiences from the front. I'm sure you'll hate Yon, but it could give you some perspective. You'll disagree with him, but at least you'll get another side of the story. I've been reading up on INTO THE BUZZSAW and all the stuff you keep saying I MUST READ!!! Truly, I do not have time to read many books now, but if I get my hands on book-on-tape versions I'll "read" in the car. In the meantime, I'm scanning...

Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

Hey Mark...Olberman's remarks do pretty stand alone in television...but then I'm blind to what reality is due to my liberal slant.

Blogger Mark Martin said...

I hereby UN-crown you King of All Media Knowledge! This sentence is uncommutable. No more crown for you!

The shock and outrage over this relatively insignificant pardon is everywhere. Perhaps Olberman has used new words or called for some degree of higher revolt than you have heard. If that is so (could be for all I know, I don't monitor the news any more than you) it is only because Olberman is hysterical.

Mikey - the "but that's just me and I'm an idiot" schtick is getting old. You have done and said some idiotic things, as we all have. But Jesus loves you. This I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Blogger HemlockMan said...

I like Mark Martin more than ever.

Not only is he funny as heck, and smart, he's one billion times more diplomatic than I'll ever be.


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