Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gabby Interview Part 3 Coming Later Today...

For some reason, the computer is dragging ass this AM, and I've got a breakfast meeting, so I'll be posting the promised Part 3 of the Interview with Gabby Schulz later today.

In the meantime, though,
  • snack on this sobering scientific bon mot, and know that it really isn't your fault. It's all in the genes, baby!

  • Later, gators --



    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    What you should say is "it really isn't MY fault." And of course I mean YOU should say "my", not me.

    Blogger Luke Pski said...

    It's ironic that "psychology" writ-large is pretty much about preserving a status-quo itself.
    I'm pretty sure anything and everything can be ascribed to those magic "genes" if they crunch the data in the correct ways; I heard a segment on NPR the other day about scientists having identified the "shyness" gene!
    Ultimately, it kind of freaks me out that we're being conditioned to think of every behavior or belief as a result of genetic pre-disposition; Not only does it render concepts of free-will, the ability to change ourselves,etc, moot, it positions those new Priests- the guys who know the magic codes that animate us- as all powerful.


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