Monday, October 16, 2006

By the time you read this, it'll likely be a moot point -- but the blog has been suffering quite a series of breakdowns of late. Posting from home has been nigh on impossible, and as of this writing I can't even load my own blog -- so there ya go.

Sovernet (Southern VT Internet provider) has suffered many setbacks the past two weeks due to a major fire in downtown Bellows Falls, VT which poured gallons of water into key Sovernet operations areas. Everyone in Marlboro is suffering email and internet difficulties now, and much of it is traceable to the fire and the water damage Sovernet suffered.

This may explain some of the difficulties; still, the latest request to the blog support yielding short-term relief for the weekend's posting problems now seems to have created far more consequential impact, making it essentially impossible for me to post at all -- or posts to appear, hours/days later, only after further complaints to blog support (forever answered, though some sort of invisible action seems to take place).

More later --


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