Monday, June 12, 2006

[Cue Mommas & The Poppas:] "Monday, Monday -- Can't Trust That Day..."

Short Monday AM post to say:

* I wrapped up the cover painting for The Last Broadcast on Saturday and will know by tomorrow if it's acceptable to Heretic and the filmmakers. I'm pretty pleased with it -- if all goes well, I'll be able to (at last!) post an image here on the blog, and this'll be the debut art for that. So, hopefully, you'll see it soon!

This was the first color piece I've done that was a complete pleasure to render, stem to stern, in a great while. I had a solid concept for the DVD wraparound cover, which all involved enthusiastically approved. The painting itself, however, took on its own life, and though I stuck absolutely to the approved 'rough' and concept, the final result went quite beyond what I had in my head -- what should have been a simple textural pattern became more disturbing, fusing skeletal shapes and forms into an evocative "something else" I found delightful.

Let's hope Heretic, Lance Weiler and Stefan Avalos agree!

* I've also been scrambling to catch up with email, Marlboro Broadband Committee meeting minutes and obligations, and prep for a meeting today with Joe Citro and Alan Eames about a proposed H.P. Lovecraft festival here in Brattleboro, VT in October. Joe and I are driving over to Alan's later this morn, so expect news soon...

* I've prepped the first summer CCS film program for the students and CCS folks, which begins tonight. Should be fun; we'll see who and how many show for the show.

* Also juggling a batch of comics and graphic novel reviews for John Rovnak and, which I'll be delivering later this week. I'll post excerpts and links here -- so, more reading ahead.

Have a great Monday, one and all --


Blogger Daniel Barlow said...

In my role as a mild mannered reporter, I totally want to write about an HP Lovecraft festival in Brattleboro.

Blogger dogboy443 said...

Must get the images up. Must see new Bissette work. SRB, is Daniels comic still available?

Mark M

Anonymous Perry said...

Lovecraft? In Brat? Incunabula, baby. Do we not remember those halycon days in that room with those bongs and those books. Nostalgia gets me right in the pelvis when SRB says ... Lovecraft.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Ah, Lovecraft plucks a nerve in a few folks -- keep an eye on this blog, I'll keep you informed!

Mark, Dan's zine is indeed still available, but he just moved. I'll post new ordering info here as soon as I have the lad's new snail-mail address. I think he has a stash to sell, but sales weren't brisk and response (not sure what he was expecting) was underwhelming, so I doubt he'll be reprinting OR doing another zine any time in the future.

You all had your shot at making Danny's day and launching a promising new career, but you let him down. Another pending Bissette cartooning genius, nipped in the bud by reality and the cruel indifference of a vast, implacable universe in which we are mere ciphers, scratching out meager existences with our grubby extremities.

Blogger dogboy443 said...

Just post the info and I'll have a check coming his way as soon as possible. A Dan Bissette sketch would also sweeten the pot *hint hint*. Nice to hear that he's got the comic bug. I remember you fondly talking about him when he was a wee child.

Blogger SRBissette said...

I'll be seeing Dan tomorrow or so, and will get all his info ASAP. Sketches -- that's up to you to ask for when you send your dough-ray-me to the young man. The wee child has grown up to be quite a fellow, if I may say so myself!

Blogger dogboy443 said...

Does he have that SRB Mountain-Man look, or is he a clean cut prep boy? We are getting old, my little girl is 10 this month.


Blogger John said...

Now that I'm the arts editor at the NA Transcript, I can promise you that a big feature on a Lovecraft festival in BB has a reservation for my lead story whenever the time has come . . .

Anonymous Cthulhu's Favored Spawn said...

Lovecraft-fest in Brattleboro? Where do I sign up? How can I help? What should I sacrifice?


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