Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This just in (30 minutes ago) --

“Immigrants say Bush must learn English
AP - 30 minutes ago

OMAHA, Neb. - New arrivals to this country said Wednesday that President Bush must adopt American values and learn English, pushing anew for their proposal for Bush to adhere to his own overhaul of immigration rules. To gain passage during this midterm election year, Bush must clearly speak in English and demonstrate his own allegiance to American values to win over many in his own party who are opposed to provisions he demands besides stepped-up border enforcement. Those provisions include providing a path to citizenship for many illegal immigrants and allowing additional work permits for foreigners, who clearly speak better English than the President and demonstrate a better grasp of the Constitution.”

Oh, wait, I got that wrong -- the story actually says:

"Bush says immigrants must learn English
AP - 30 minutes ago..."

Oops, sorry.

Glad the bigots and homophobes couldn't even rally enough votes to get the proposed bill off the floor. What bullshit -- with everything we're facing as a country (including a new season of hurricanes), this is all the Republicans can manage?


Anonymous Cthulhu's Favored Spawn said...

DOn't misunderestimate Mr. Bush. Her is a man who can vulcanize society.

Or something


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