Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wednesday night closeout: A bummer --

I was hoping before this hour to be posting the news of my studio/workspace completion.

Well, after a looooong day of waiting for the carpet installation -- nada. The process that began November 12th and that was paid for & scheduled for today ended with -- well, let's see. We selected the carpet, gave the rough measurement (it's just a single 8' x 20' 6" room), signed for and paid the deposit 11/12. The measuring pro turned up the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and everything was finalized and paid in full on the 23rd. The installation had to wait until the carpet arrived at the Massachusetts installation firm, which was last Thursday; today (December 7th) was the soonest they could schedule our job.

So, I cleared the room anew, swept and double-swept the floor, wrapped all the bookcase bases with plastic to protect everything, make the installation space as neat and easy as possible. Shoveled the front step and a path around to the back of the house, where the back entrance is. It was snowing lightly all day, so I gave it another shoveling before dark. (We've also delayed the final necessary task -- the installation of the hot-water heat baseboard -- until the carpet is in place.)

It kicked off today with a phone call from Home Depot promising installation between 9 AM and 1 PM; revised an hour later to between 3 PM and 7 PM; revised about 5 PM to "on the far side of 7 PM"; come 9 PM, as Marge and I were about to turn out the lights and turn in for the night, the phone rang. The installation crew from Springfield, MA were sitting in their van on the road just above our driveway, asking if they were at the right house. "C'mon in!"

They were here maybe two minutes. "This carpet is too small," they announced, "you gonna have to wait for a new one, someone messed up. I'll call you tomorrow" -- and they departed. Like, fast.

I've laid in bed for about and hour and a half without sleeping, finally got up and rechecked all measurements (including any cuts for the bookshelving), drew out the floor plan with all the particulars in place, and I'm going to find someone somewhere tomorrow who can do this -- hopefully before the weekend.

It's gonna take a little longer...


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