Monday, December 05, 2005

Career Path to the Stars...

One word:


In the brave new world our Fearful Leaders have wrought for us, there is only true and reliable path to dependable income, benefits, unlimited employment (and your choice of jobs), and the brightest future imaginable for all our children.

One word:


Why waste all that youthful vigor, strength, and virility on education, the arts, or the military? All are clearly dead ends. In the brave new world our Fearful Leaders have planned for us, setting one's sights (and sites) on a career in security -- protection of property and those citizens and politicians in need of and able to afford such services -- is the way to go.

If you're fit, able, and dedicated to furthering both your interests and our country's interests, it behooves you to pursue this path. If you're a parent (like I am), one's concern for one's child's well-being is mighty questionable unless you're setting their little minds and stout little bodies onto this path -- for our security, and their own.

Though, of course, you won't be able to afford them yourself, you understand. "Heat or Eat?" is the cry heard throughout the land in this winter coming for the banner year of 2005; "Eat Who?" is the winter of 2010 doctrine we have to look forward to.

So, you want your children to have a secure and safe future? A career path that promises infinite growth and income? The only service industry sure to provide all that they need, until they're too shaky to hold a handgun or unsteady on their pins to walk a flight of stairs?

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Blogger Elayne said...

I think "security" has become a very confusing world in our current political climate. The faction in power is trying to keep the citizenry as frightened as possible whilst at the same time assuring them that they (the selfsame faction in power) are the only ones who can keep Americans secure. So what you wind up with is this tremendous cognitive dissonance of feeling terribly insecure but being told it would be worse under the leadership of the folks who aren't creating the instability in the first place, which tends to lead to burnout or paralysis or numbness.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Hey, Elayne -- you got it! Hence, my spin on the word today.

"Security" has become loaded with more baggage than any single word can comfortably accomodate, and I thought I'd take it in a direction my ongoing conversations with my good friend Jean-Marc Lofficier suggested.

That this insecurity with security has emerged during the reign of a "king" who won last election in part due to instilling great fear in most of our populace that failure to elect to him would make us all less secure is among the most perverse ironies of our lifetimes.


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