Sunday, October 16, 2005

Home Agin, Home Agin, Jiggedy-Jig...

Just home with Marj from a pleasant weekend away with friends (Mike Dobbs and Mary Cassidy, Mark and Jeannie Martin). Too beat to write much, but one of the highlights was visiting a beach in Truro Marj hadn't been on for 39 years. I'll be damned, but her memory got us there this afternoon en route home... and it was just as it was then, according to she.

Windy but lovely; worth the trip.


Blogger The Fan With No Name!!! said...

"Home Agin, Home Agin, Jiggedy-Jig..."

LOL - Steve, do you know where that phrase is from (I'm assuming a song?)? I've used that phrase over & over again throughout my life and for the life of me I can't recall where it originates from!

TED!!! ( in Ted Haycraft, Evansville,IN, a longtime fan - I found your Blog here thanks to Tim Lucas! I attended your slide show of The History of Horror in Comic Books ages ago in Chicago (the night before an Indy Comics Show) which I so thoroughly enjoyed - how I wish you could reproduce it as a video documentary - I think I even talked to you afterwards about it!)


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