Thursday, October 13, 2005

Huzzah! Tim Lucas Launches Video WatchBlog!

Hey, I've just added a new link on the blog menu on the right -- my long-time friend Tim Lucas launched his own long-overdue blog, The Video WatchBlog!

  • WatchBlog
  • and skip on down to the initial October 8th posting for Tim's introduction to this new online venture. I'm proud to say I got Tim going on this, though that wasn't my intention... just an unexpected result of my own humble efforts here.

    BTW, I had a hand in two of Tim's other ventures -- I was among those who coaxed Tim and Donna into self-publishing (for which I'm sure they both bless and curse those of us who had a hand in those conversations) and, when relations with artists were becoming increasingly problematic, urged Tim to complete "Throat Sprockets" as a novel rather than a series of comics stories -- though I'm not taking credit for anything more than making suggestions. Anyhoot, I am happy to have played a part in this latest vehicle for self-expression.

    I'll be reading the WatchBlog daily hereafter -- hope you will, too.

    (PS: Even though Tim's DVD and film reviews will forever leave my own efforts in dim shadow, I'm still going to be posting the occasional DVD blather here nevertheless. Nature of the beast, it is...)


    Blogger Brummbar said...


    I left this comment previously but it seems to have vanished. I just wanted to convey my (very belated) thanks for the long and considered reply you gave to a letter I sent you over a year ago - about the Hannibal Lector movies.

    Anyway, thanks.



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