Saturday, March 08, 2008

Some Bones to Pick...

Horny in Paris! Photo: Associated Press/AFP/Miguel Medina

As if it weren't a joyous enough occasion to celebrate this weekend's opening of the 21st Century's first primordial magnum opus 10,000 BC on movie screens across America on lo, this, the very week of my birthday, I must also note the news in
  • in Paris, where the skeleton of the 65-million-year-old Triceratops horridus is now on the auction block, the first such specimen in 11 years (remember the T. rex Sue?).
  • So, if anyone's looking for the appropriate gift for me, look no further. It would like mighty fine in my back yard.

  • Birthday girl, fellow Pisces, cartoonist extraordinaire and Center for Cartoon Studies anchor and faculty member Robyn Chapman has launched a new blog, beginning humbly here (click on this link). Check it out, stay tuned and enjoy!
  • And speaking of CCSers, birthdays aside just for the moment,
  • check out CCS pioneer class alumni Alexis Frederick-Frost's latest, now previewed on the First Second Books site.

  • But the best birthday gift of all will have to wait until next year, when the Bush Presidency is history. Still, mighty damage must yet be done, and rest assured he's doing it. President Bush's final year in office continues to be characterized by his ongoing attempts (and those of the hardcore Republican supporters remaining) to wriggle out of legal consequences for Bush and Cheney's extraordinary redefinitions of Presidential power, a topic being carefully kept off the table by the Presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle.

    In terms of the ongoing maneuvers to let the phone companies off the hook for selling us all down the river post 9/11,
  • Stephen Colbert's 'AT&Treason' sums it up nicely.
  • Further tortured interpretations of US and international law also plague the shameless Presidential justifications for ignoring all standing 20th Century laws of fair treatment of prisoners and 'detainees,'
  • likewise in the name of national security.

    Come what may on those fronts, the Bush legacy will be devastating and long-lasting, a staining beyond
  • the economic crater that will left behind when Bush continues to refuse to acknowledge the consequences of his disastrous Presidency: the 2007-8 Recession and likely Depression to follow.
  • We're already reaping the benefits of rampant deregulation and 'free market' forces the GOP has touted since octogenarian Reagan was in office, so what the hell? To quote Bush (in another context, even more foolhardily there), 'Bring it on!'
  • So what if your home is now worth squat, while property taxes skyrocket to staunch the regional devastation due to Bush domestic policies and tax cuts and the terminal erosion of all previous social support services and networks?

  • With almost 100,000 jobs cut since December 31 (and note that "450,000 people left the labor force" in the same period), gas costing three times what it cost at the pump when Bush took office, billions squandered every month on ongoing unprovoked pre-emptive war, the national deficit and debt racking up far beyond any historic record previously set, and the gap between the rich and the poor greater than its been since the Robber Barons era of a century ago, Bush is spreading the love and the wealth from sea to shining sea.

  • So, okay, I'll likely not even end up with this. But I can dream, can't I? Can't I?.
  • Yippee-ki-yi-ay, motherfuckers!

    So, really, if just one of you could see your way clear to buying me that Triceratops skeleton, I reckon Marge and I just might make it through the coming Depression. Then I could really embrace extinction -- or at least climb onto those glorious skeletal shoulders and wave my hat and cry out, "Yippee-ki-yi-ay!" while my mental faculties completely disintegrate.

    Barring that, I reckon I'll have to make due this year with a token gift from my old home town -- a symbolic gift, really. I'm absolutely delighted to note that Marge's and my old home town, Marlboro VT, joined neighboring Brattleboro VT this past Tuesday on Town Meeting Day
  • passing an article calling for the indictment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for their horrendous abuses of power.

  • Now, I know it'll never happen -- I mean, after all, Bush hasn't even visited Vermont once his entire Presidency.
    But that would be one hell of a birthday gift.

    And on that happy note of no doubt vain but voiced rebellion, I bid you all adieu for the day.

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    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    Nice colors today! The orange blogger tag thing, the brown headline and the photo - SEXY!

    So anyway, I know you have this policy against admitting it, but it's pretty clear you have to vote for anti-war Obama. Hillary and McCain are COMPLICIT. Do you think Obama will improve things? I'm not gonna argue with you, and YES I KNOW he's inheriting a sack of doo-doo from the most dangerous regime on earth, but with all that understood - do you have a good feeling about him?

    Blogger el gato said...

    happy birthday, you "old rebel"!! :D

    Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

    Happy birthday, fellow Pisces. I KNEW you had some redeeming quality.

    Blogger ~ tOkKa said...

    -->> ..this blog has become pretty important to this freek and the wisdom and insight blows my mind.

    I think this country should be honored to have folks such as yourself, not just cuz of the magic of your art and stories ..but getting to know the 'mind' behind 'em has become so terribly facinating to me.

    Fo'sheezy and cheezy as all that blarrgh sounds ..i really thank you. I owe ya alot !!

    ** Happy Birthday, Triceraton ~~ .. >v<

    Blogger Salvo said...

    Happy birthday!!!!;)


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