Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

"Even though White House computer technicians hunted high and low, an entire week's worth of e-mail from [Vice President Dick] Cheney's office was missing. The week was Sept. 30, 2003, to Oct. 6, 2003, the opening days of the Justice Department's probe into whether anyone at the White House leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame."

  • President Nixon went down for a great deal less than this.
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    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    OK, here's what I'd like to know, if you have time to research it (I seriously don't right now, or I would) -

    Is the klunky antiquated email system in the White House left over from previous admins, or did Cheney and Co overhaul a good state-of-the-art system and replace it with the deinosaur.

    You can see why this is relevant. I'm not saying I think either scenario is true - either could be the case.

    But I think it's a crucial part of the story and should be crucial to the investigation.

    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    I just did some looking around, and still can't find anything about what BushCo inherited - only more articles about how klunky the system is and has been...

    Oh well. I tried!

    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    I misspelled dinosaur! Which reminds me - did you see the NOVA on microraptors Monday night? Very interesting!

    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    OK bye!

    I'm really going now. I mean it! I am NOT KIDDING!!!

    GOOD!!! BYE!!!!!!!!

    Blogger HemlockMan said...

    It sucks that we can't edit our awful comments here at LiveJournal. I often leave poor spelling behind as I rush to post my brilliant commentary.

    Bush, Cheney, and company are criminals. However, nothing will be done to these paragons of filth.

    Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

    Nice blog Steve! Been a LONG time! I'm also blogging too....

    Yeah, Dumbass BUsh and Co are just like a bad case of indigestion that won't go away. They're evil in ways too much to describe but we all feel. Thing is, back in the Nixon Days..."they" didn't own the media like now. Everyone is afraid they'll have something "on" them...

    Anyway, I'll link you and visit again!

    Bob E

    Blogger Roger Green said...

    Not that it mattters, bu, in my opinion, if they actually had that impeachment trial, cheney would be found:

    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    God, what a buncha dreamers!

    I check to see if there is any real news on the WH email situation, and all there is is sick fantasy.

    Calgon, take me away!


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