Sunday, March 23, 2008


That's it, Happy Easter. Have a great one, one and all.

Blog & Website Revisions --

-- are underway. Cat and I are amid the spasms of change here, bear with the results and speedbumps, please! These may toss the blog and site up in the air and send 'em crashing down now and again, but it's all soon under control and will be highly improved. Big changes coming, all for the better!

More to follow later today... as time permits.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Easter. That's it. Happy Easter. Mr. S. Bissette writes.

I understand. Mr. Bissette can't say anything more about this holy day (holiday) because somehow I think Mr. Bissette doesn't quite know how to THANK the one who died on a cross for Mr. Bissette. Suffered enormous torture in the flesh for all humanity. ALL humanity; then, today, and the future. GOD IN FLESH died to every 'sin' the human race could dream up in disobedience to GOD.
(too numerous to mention)

ahhh some might say: So? So then,
I'm 'off the hook' ... I don't have to worry. I can live just as I please. (one can...but when someone goes through what our Savior did, and STILL remains in thier 'own life' ...oooh boy; pity that soul someday)

Luke chap. 9 verse 23 and 24 make good reflection. 'We' of flesh are
nothing...WITHOUT HIS LIFE within.
NOTHING. Oh, we can say we did this and that and this good and that good...but UNLESS the Creator see's IN US ...HIS DIVINE SON...
"it don't mean anything."

Life is a transformation 'process' from flesh to HIS Spirit. Christ like

HAPPY EASTER ... ahhh tis more than dyed eggs, bunnies, and chocolate, or spring flowers. Tis the start of A NEW HIM.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Mr. Bissette had only minutes to post anything on this particular day, and even if he'd had hours at his disposal, it wouldn't have been along the lines of the anonymous poster's comment. Mr. Bissette knows the anonymous poster knows this. Mr. Bissette is amused to find, over a year later, the anonymous poster complaining on a year-old post that I didn't write as they would write, if the anonymous poster had their own blog or online journal.

Mr. Bissette politely suggests again the anonymous poster get their own blog/journal to preach, and leave Mr. Bissette and the MYRANT readers alone.

Mr. Bissette will not hesitate to bar said anonymous poster from this old blog, too, if this tedious, tiresome behavior persists.

Blogger Daus Luid said...

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