Wednesday, March 19, 2008

God Damn George W. Bush

Five years ago at 10:15 PM EST -- a little over ten minutes from now, five years back -- President George W. Bush got on the airwaves to announce to our nation and the world the beginning of the Iraq War.

Five years later, with just shy of 4000 US soldiers dead, over 600,000 Iraqis dead (according to John Hopkins University), countless hired mercenaries and corporate hired hands dead, countless wounded on all sides, a traumatized and ill-cared-for population of stateside vets, an over-stretched US military standing serving far longer stretches of active duty than any US military since WWI, and over 2 million war refugees -- not counting, either, the dubious numbers of 'detainees' and 'extraordinary rendition' prisoners of war who are not considered prisoners of war protected by previous US treaties or any standing international law previously recognized by prior US Presidents and administrations -- we are still at war with no end in sight.

Five years ago, I wrote on The Swamp discussion board at The Kingdom (both long defunct) that this war was wrong, and I angrily castigated those on that board who had stated their support for our going to war prior to March 19, 2003. I could not believe that anyone would want this war to happen. But many did, and many still cling to their support in the face of five years of deceit, chicanery, distortions and lies. Many heated words were exchanged then, but I didn't believe the stated reasons given by our President, Vice President or any member of his staff then. Every stated reason for then going to war has been since proven to be either a lie, a gross distortion of truth, or complete and utter fabrication. Hell, I'm just a hayseed hillbilly in Vermont, and their claims didn't hold water five years ago under what little scrutiny was possible prior to March 19, 2003. They haven't passed muster since; they've all been proven nonsensical. It was all lies.

March 19th -- another March 19th -- another day that President Bush espouses his shit without change and claims this was somehow a noble act, serving some perceived good.

God damn George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

God damn them to hell, as they've willfully damned Iraq to hell-on-Earth and damned America to unnecessary, ceaseless war.

God damn Fox News and all corporate media that supported the march to war, and have supported the lies and obfuscations and deceit of the American populace ever since. God damn Karl Rove for even conceiving Bush as a credible Presidential candidate. God damn those who rigged, tampered with or boondoggled the election process in 2000 and 2004. God damn those 18 and over who didn't vote in 2004, allowing a mere 30% of the US population to vote Bush and his hyenas back into power three years ago, thus sustaining the war effort with their inaction. And God damn me for not doing more when I could have, should have -- as if any one of us could have done anything to curb this lunacy.



Blogger James Robert Smith said...

There is no God.

We could have done something before or just after December 12, 2000, THE day of infamy for this nation of cowards:

we could have filled the streets in righteous rage and indignation over the fixing of our so-called democratic system of elections. We could have taken up arms against those who would commit such an act. We could have fought like human beings against tyranny, but instead we did nothing.

We're getting what we bloody well deserve.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Right you are.

Blogger dogboy443 said...

I will avoid the political end of this post and dwell on the graphic end of it. Ohhh, new blog layout. I don't like it. It has no character to it. it doesn't say "Here lives Steve Bissette and this is my House"! The red text from the lasy post is difficult to read and it's lacking the images etc that we've grown to love, except for the pussie eye pics. Can it go back to the way it was?


Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Not sure what we could have done. In the fall/winter of 2002/2003, I protested every week. Everyone knew it, and I'd occasionally drag some of them along. But the fix was in.
BTW, isn't damning GWB just like damning America? Next thing you know, they'll be calling you Jeremiah Bissette.

Blogger rassmguy said...

George W. Bush is an evil man who has single-handedly destroyed this country. Mark my words--there won't be a 2008 election. The horrors this country will face as a result of this scumbag have only just begun.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave it to a bunch of comic book reading 'adolescents' to believe that 'they just know EVERYTHING about Iraq, Iran, the political chicanery of one Saddam Hussein.

Here's something these 'bigots' won't state:

CONGRESS enacts war! and EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT said yes yes do it!
Were there 'any' who said "hey now wait a minute?" Not a chance. You see AMERICA as a nation 'we the people' knew IT HAD TO BE...and the democrats, like the pharisees of biblical times NEVER go against the 'crowd' ...

(it's all about 'their popularity')

On the other hand, a President who knew that some would not like it, despite losing popularity contests, did what had to be done for the GREATER GOOD of ALL (including those suffering terror daily by Saddam Hussein - not unlike the Jews who suffered under Hitler; because for a long time, people looked the other way.

the current PRESIDENT in '09 is not only saying we are going to support Iraq with troops; but he's going to INCREASE TROOP support in Afghanistan and Pakistan and a few other nations over there.

HEY MAN...let's hear the outrage.

TRUTH IS TRUTH...the middle east had to change or THERE WOULD BE A WAR like none other. It couldn't keep going as it was. EVIL was
all over that region.

Stop reading comic books and become a mature adult.

Anonymous said...

First of all, you're conflating the war in Afghanistan with the Iraq War. Two separate actions, two separate wars, two separate sets of votes in both the House and the Senate.

Secondly, you're absolutely wrong about the voting records, which casts doubt on everything else you're claiming. Insult what you believe I read all you want; I know how to read newspapers, books and accounts of history, and I know what we lived as a nation, as best as we as citizens can know what goes down and went down.

I don't know what you've read or what you're reading, but it's absolutely out of synch with the facts.

It's a complete myth that Democrats "all" voted for authorization for President Bush to use force against Iraq (which was not a declaration of war, however much pro-war advocates may wish otherwise), and many subsequently addressed that issue, though nothing did or can change the fact Bush did indeed plunge us into two wars.

Here's the original October 11, 2002 assessment of the Senate and the House votes:

Make no mistake, this was a GOP 'victory,' so quit with the attempt to blur historical fact:

"The Republican-controlled House voted 296 to 133 Thursday afternoon to allow the president to use the military ''against the continuing threat'' posed by the Iraqi regime. The Democratic-run Senate followed at 1:15 a.m. today with a vote of 77 to 23 for the measure...."

"While the votes in favor of the resolutions were large and bipartisan, they highlighted a sharp split in the Democratic party over how and when to use force. This was particularly true in the House. Even though Representative Richard A. Gephardt, the House minority leader, put his weight behind the force authorization, more House Democrats voted against the resolution sought by the president than for it, splitting 126 to 81. Only 6 Republicans opposed it...."

Note, too, this vote came after Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz and Rove swayed the vote with their manipulation of intelligence. "The hard-won victory for Mr. Bush came little more than a month after many lawmakers of both parties returned to Washington from summer recess expressing grave doubts about a rush to war. It reflected weeks of lobbying and briefings by the administration that culminated with a speech by the president on Monday night."

Votes based on deception, deceit, manipulation of the facts and out-and-out lies seem to be something you're eager to tout as consensus or some sort of (ahem) TRUTH.

You have very little credibility in this matter, based solely on your anonymous statements on this thread today.

Here's the full voting records for the Senate and the House regarding the Iraq War:

As noted, those votes were based on "prewar intelligence on Iraq [that] was deeply flawed," which some have come to consider lies, which prompted many to reconsider their initial 2002 votes --

"The Senate Intelligence Committee, in a report issued Friday, concluded that prewar U.S. intelligence assessments of an unconventional weapons arsenal in Iraq were exaggerated and unsupported by evidence. The administration used the intelligence as a reason for U.S. military action, but the Senate report showed most of it was wrong...."

As with President Johnson in the 1960s, President Obama has inherited two wars. Damage control is hardly affirmation of the 'rightness,' 'justness' or (ahem) TRUTH you are braying about.

The reality is President Bush bankrupted America fighting two wars -- the second, in Iraq, was completely unprovoked and a willful act of violence against a country that had in no way harmed America.

That you can color as somehow justified with claims of "EVIL" and all that crap may sit well with you, but it's bullshit. Despots in many countries -- primary among them Africa -- have done far, far worse to their citizens than Saddam Hussien ever did, and we didn't lift a finger as a country in the defense of innocents.

Fuck your Biblical horseshit; I've simply no more patience for it. I'm done mincing words with any idiot who can still flog for Bush and his war crimes.

WE DID EVIL IN THE MIDDLE EAST. We invaded Afghanistan, a nation that historically has successfully defied every prior country stupid enough to invade and wage war within its borders, including England and Russia. We are fucked, and the absolute incompetence, arrogance and mismanagement of that war by Bush and his cronies has doomed any possibility of our ever accomplishing any of our goals there.

In Iraq, we invaded a sovereign nation to depose and assassinate its leader, and we're reaping the whirlwind.

President Obama inherited two wars conducted by an irresponsible and incompetent President and Administration that ruled for eight years. Quit citing his attempts to somehow manage two wars that were so grossly botched since 2002 as confirmation of Bush's policies being somehow "justified."

President Obama may yet fuck up in the Middle East as badly as President Johnson fucked up in Vietnam -- time will tell.

But you're simply making no sense, you're basing your claims on misstatements of fact at best, and I'm weary to death of such nonsensical talk.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger SRBissette said...

The 'Anonymous' poster has been politely asked, at great length, to refrain from multiple comment-post rants. At this point, I've little choice but to just delete any such posts that erupt.

Start your own blog/journal, please.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As with President Johnson in the 1960s...

President Johnson of the 60's
initiated the war in Vietnam.

Which came just after the Korean
War, which started with Democrat

Truman, he was the democrat with an 'exit strategy' for WWII - two
huge bombs on two cities. "nice exit" (I guess it was a hard decision to make, and I won't pass
judgement on Truman on that decision. Life isn't a comic book and adults in charge do have to make TOUGH decisions)


In short, if we look at history, most of the wars begun were initiated by the democrat party.
(and of course, they knew 'they had to')

Republicans like Abe Lincoln...he
initiated the Civil War. Hey...shall we complain? After all, the southern half of the nation never attacked the northern half. WAR is the last resort to get others to HEAR when talking doesn't work. Once enacted; here's the 'exit strategy' THE GOOD must win.

Woodrow Wilson a Republican was in charge during World War I. This
also was a necessity as Germany
was flexing it's muscles just a bit too much trying to take over much of Europe.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, let
us remember ALL THOSE who gave of themselves that 'we' can 'blog'
'rant' 'criticize' and yes, have an opinion CONTRARY TO those who
blog thier rants and criticisms.

Those who serve their nation, for the sake of OTHERS - in such selflessness; are indeed CHRIST-LIKE and will not lose their reward. God bless them all.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Liz, your skewed sense of history and obvious prejudices speak volumes.

We'll leave this one up -- hereafter, I'm simply deleting any other rants you post.

Blogger Keir said...

Just came across this site by accident somehow to find many of my own views and interests are shared. I know this site has been closed and a new one set up, but I look forward to seeing what little gems are to be found. "Anonymous" I hope makes infrequent appearances...

Blogger SRBissette said...

Thanks, Keir, and good to find you here! The new blog is at, and there's essentially DAILY posts there to enjoy. I'm also on Facebook (which is where I tend to air politics these days); and no worries about Anonymous.

Thanks for commenting, and see you here in virtual space!

Blogger Unknown said...

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