Monday, March 03, 2008

Beyond the Valley of the Trailers From Hell:
Trailers From Hell Break 100; Panter Book Pending

Gotta dash -- I'm giving six graphic novel lectures in a row at Mascoma High in New Hampshire today! -- but gotta share:

Trailers from Hell, my fave online distraction/attraction, broke 100 trailers this past week! The centennial cherry was near bursting with this gem, appropriately enough:
  • Russ Meyer's classic 20th Century Fox extravaganza, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls!

  • The 100th trailer was, in fact, this gem for Roger Vadim's Blood and Roses (1961).

  • Better yet is 101:
  • Nicolas Roeg's immortal 1973 masterpiece Don't Look Now is today's posting,
  • with more jewels to follow this week: Peter Brook's Lord of the Flies (1963) on Wednesday, John Frankenheimer's Seconds (1966) on Friday.

  • For the whole lineup of delightful previews, here's the place you wanna be.

  • And for you Gary Panter fans, here's the boss gorilla coming from Picture Box:


    Two volumes, 688 pages, full color.

    The first volume is a comprehensive monograph featuring over 1000 images of paintings, sculptures, posters, comics and drawings complemented by texts from Byron Coley, Richard Gehr, Doug Harvey, Karrie Jacobs, Mike Kelley, Richard Klein, Edwin Pouncey, and Robert Storr, as well as the longest interview to date with the artist. The second volume is a selection from Panter’s voluminous sketchbooks, where the artist’s ideas have long incubated and the site of some of his finest work. Very little of the work contained in these volumes has been published in any form. Check back for previews and more info soon.

    Edited by Dan Nadel and designed by Helene Silverman.

    Have a Manic Monday -- I will!

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Holy fuck, that Panter book looks magnificent!

    Thanks for the link.

    I saw BLOOD & ROSES on the big screen last year. It's not top-shelf Vadim, but it's a hoot, nonetheless.

    Blogger ~ tOkKa said...

    -->> ..trailers from hell !!

    gon' go wait on the front porch with m'shot gun, ma.. ..>v<

    Blogger James Robert Smith said...

    Stop it with the links! You made me waste more time!

    That is a fine site. Lots of fun.


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