Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wafflin' Wednesday

Random sharing of online oddities for you this morning... I'm midweek in my CCS teaching schedule and in Neil Gaiman book land every other available minute, so I'm just not in a blogging frame of mind this AM. Still, here's something or three to spark your day, if you're so disposed.

21st Century Goona-Goona

Battle at Kruger: "I can't stop watching it. I'm obsessed with these water buffaloes protecting their baby. Warning: If you're freaked out by wild animals attacking each other, you might not like this." - Sarah Stewart Taylor

Ever since the early 1900s, filmmakers amateur and professional have been cranking cameras to catch unique moments in the lives and deaths of wildlife from around the globe. The more exotic the animals, the more savage the action, the wider the audience. They used to call these 'goona-goona' films in the wake of the 1930 shot-in-Bali curio Goona Goona, and whether they were distributed by major studios (Dark Rapture, etc.) or roadshowed out of the back seat of huckster's cars (Ingagi, most elusive and once the most successful of all goona-goona), the animal action would back asses into seats. Well, OK, the native nudity helped. The Walt Disney True-Life Adventures, the 1970s wildlife features from Sunn International, cable TV Shark Week and Animal Planet and Fox TV fare like When Animals Attack are all part of this venerable tradition, and here's the most recent slice of
  • 21st Century goona-goona to kiss my eyes, and this'll have you jumping out of your seat.
  • Thanks to fellow CCS instructor and vet mystery novelist Sarah Stewart Taylor for that link!

    Say What -- ??

  • "Oh you gain flesh": CCS senior Penina Gal posted this incredible link, the most hilarious subtitling job imaginable on a familiar artifact of American pop culture,
  • and funny stuff whether you're an Arrested Development fan or not (I'm not). Fans of Hong Kong and Asian films have savored decades of insane subtitles, and we all have our personal favorites, but this case history beats 'em all!

    Bissette Art on Ebay

    I've held off posting ebay links for the various slices of my past that have popped up in the past few months -- they're not my auctions -- but here's a blast from the past you might wish to bid on if you get this in time (the auction ends later today). This is of interest, perhaps, as it's one of my rare wash comics works from the early 1980s, and one of my few Marvel Comics gigs I'm still pretty much proud of (except for a couple of really rushed pages -- brrrrrrrr, there's a couple of stinkers in this otherwise solid piece of work). Plus, it's going for cheap, so give it a look --

  • This vintage Bissette page (scripted by Steve Perry) from the Marvel Comics Bizarre Adventures story "The Blood Bequest" could find a new home today --
  • -- thanks to Mark for sending the link along this AM.

    This particular page was completed with an assist from Rick Veitch (look like Veitch laid it out and likely pencilled the first panel), who lettered the entire story. This is also one of a handful of pages in this story directly referencing the Marv Wolfman/Neal Adams origin of Dracula story from Marvel's Dracula Lives! black-and-white zine. This was the last Marvel gig I completed before John Totleben and I began work on Saga of the Swamp Thing, and my last wash comics creation for any publisher except Scholastic: the shoddy, inconsistent quality of printing in those days destroyed the work that went into these pages.

    OK, better blogging tomorrow, promise.

    Have a woolly Wednesday, one and all...

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    Blogger dogboy443 said...

    I hope your happy. I bid on the page. Your evil mind powers made me do it. Plus it's a heck of a price and you trip down memory lane compelled me to bid on it at least to try and keep it in the "family".
    Guess I'll have to tell the wife about it eventually.

    Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

    Ummm, WAFFLES! Oh, that's NOT what you meant? Never mind.

    Blogger James Robert Smith said...

    I have always, always, always, ALWAYS loved the Hell out of that story. I'm pretty sure it was the second thing I ever saw by you (1942 being the first). It floored me. The art floored me, and the story was just so perfectly warped that I never could forget it. For years I searched for more Steve Perry comics...but he never did any more, did he? (He's NOT the Steve Perry who wrote the Aliens stuff, right?)

    I don't know whether to be happy for you over the Gaiman project, or sad. The only thing about Gaiman that I've ever been curious about is his childhood. And I really don't want to know any details--just always wanted to ask him some general stuff. But you seem to be really happy and effective in doing that kind of detail oriented non-fiction. I do know that I'm not curious enough about Neil Gaiman to want to buy a book about him. BY him, of course. But about him? Nah. (I realize that I'm in the minority of his fans in that respect, though. I'm sure the book will sell gangbusters.)

    I miss Gaiman's monthly comics work. It's sad what happens to the really good ones: they end up in Hollywood writing scripts. What 40s-era producer was it who used to brag that he "owned" the world's best authors? That they were all under contract to him grinding out drab scripts rather than the marvelous novels that got them to Hollywood. Alas. One has only to read WAIT UNTIL SPRING BANDINI and ASK THE DUST to wonder what we were denied as Fante wrote crappy movie scripts for years. Alas.

    Blogger SRBissette said...

    Ah, be happy, Bob, on the Gaiman book. It's a boon for me right now, if nothing else.

    We all miss Neil's comics work -- the fact is, the industry has fumbled the ball in too many ways to get into with so many creators, it's almost an inevitability Neil has moved on. It should come as no surprise that Neil's proposal to DC/Vertigo for a 20th Anniversary SANDMAN series was turned down for reasons that wouldn't surprise you, given your own experiences in the field (in short, DC wanted Neil to stick to the 1987 deal, 20 years later).

    Neil's writing novels is front-and-center in his creative life these days -- so your comments aren't really accurate, re: writers and Hollywood.

    That paragraph, though, IS accurate in the context of my amigo Steve Perry's path: it was scripting TV cartoons like THUNDERCATS and SILVERHAWKS that occupied Steve immediately after his work for BIZARRE ADV. and the Epic series TIME SPIRITS, and that ended up circling back to Marvel, scripting comics based on those cartoon shows. It all ended badly, and with Steve owning nothing he'd done (and a Marvel editor really screwing Steve over in the bargain).

    The good news is Steve is scripting a comic series now that Jim Wheelock is illustrating, and here's hoping it sees print soon -- along with the planned TIME SPIRITS reprint volume/collection.

    And no, Steve Perry isn't the same fellow as the novelist Steve Perry, who did lots of sf work -- they're often confused for one another, for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for the kind words on "The Blood Bequest" -- save for about two-and-a-half pages that I loathe (rushed in the eleventh hour), I dug that story, too, and it holds up today when re-read, I think.

    Blogger dogboy443 said...

    Well when I see you in May (or sooner), I'll have you sign that page because I won the auction. A great price for vintage Bissette/Perry/Veitch. Is there anyone else that worked on that page?


    Blogger SRBissette said...

    What, Perry/Bissette/Veitch not enough for you ON ONE PAGE??? And it was a great price -- you see why I don't sell MY art online -- and I'm glad it went to an amigo.

    Totleben worked on other pages with me in that story -- John came to stay with Marlene (then Nancy) and I as we worked on it -- as a sort of "will this work?" litmus test for our upcoming SWAMP THING gig, and we were pleased enough with the chemistry to proceed to ST, to the mutual benefit of both of us. And ST. And, I guess, comics, according to some.

    Blogger SRBissette said...

    PS: Sorry to let you down about the waffles, Roger. Flapjacks, next time!


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