Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Followup to Veteran's Day Weekend Post...

  • While I'm as disgusted as anyone about the complete inertia of the Congress in anything to due with the wars, Veterans, and anything contrary to the will of President Bush,
  • my gorge was in my throat this weekend every time I hear Bush's churlish bullshit.

    Bush willfully politicized Veteran's Day in a manner worthy of Karl Rove's reign (still working behind the scenes, perhaps?), spinning reality with his usual deceptive guile. No wonder the bile rises.
  • This is the article that popped up in our local paper, The Valley News, this Sunday, putting lie to Bush's opportunistic jabs at Democrats as part of his Veteran's Day speeches.
  • Note: "Congress has never delivered to Bush a veterans affairs spending bill by Veterans Day, even when Capitol Hill was run by Republicans...." Never.

    Read on, there's more.

    There is no shame....

  • Bridgett posted this link on the comment threads to my Sunday post -- for a thorough overview of the shockwaves to come from President Bush's and the GOP's disastrous domestic fiscal policies and rampant spending and borrowing, read "The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush" by Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz in the current issue of Vanity Fair.

  • Give it a read -- essential reading, really. Thanks, Bridgett!

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