Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Congrats to Colleen Frakes!

Colleen, center, beaming at the CCS table at SPX this weekend. Photo (and the one below) by Joe Lambert.

CCS graduate Colleen Frakes has won a Xeric Award!!! Well deserved, Colleen, and big-time congratulations all around! More info later this week, along with links, etc. Congrats, Colleen!

Joe Lambert, cartoonist extraordinaire/CCS senior/Sundays co-founder & co-editor/One Percenter and oh so much more, has posted
  • this great photojournal of his SPX weekend, including the beard-o video!

  • And yes, I had a great time last night at the Main St. Museum, listening to Mooneye. My son Dan sang two of his songs to wrap up the set, and then I gave Dan, Sam and Ruth a tour of CCS. Much of the CCS community turned out -- you'll have to ask them what they thought of the evening, though, as I'm prejudiced on this one. Though the microphone didn't service the band's lyrics well, it was a grand evening and this poppa's heart soared. Bought a copy of everyone's CDs and will be drawing to their music all this and next week and beyond.

    They're now on the road -- as you read this! -- and I'll post their schedule later today.

    I'm sorry, though, that I've missed 2+ years of CCSer music at the Main St. Museum. It's a marvelous space, and I know Sam Gaskin, Gabby aka Ken Dahl, Cat aka Cayetano Garza and many others played there many times over the past two years, when I still lived 90 minutes away (three hour round trip) and just couldn't attend. Damn! Well, I'll be able to make it now...

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