Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Catching Some Leaves...

  • Woolly Bear Love!

  • Whoa, it's fall! With the colors coming out, the woolly bear caterpillars crawling everywhere while Monarch Butterflies coast the breezes and the nights get cooler and cooler, there's no doubt fall is in the air.

    I love this time of year unlike any other. Seeing the woolly bears -- the fuzzy larval form of the Tiger Moth, and beloved harbingers of autumn in whose black-framing-red fur some locals claim they can predict the intensity of the coming winter -- humping along in the grass, on driveways and roads, always traveling alone, is always a heartwarmer for me. They spark fond memories of childhood in Duxbury, the end of summer and the start of a new school year.

    Just some catch-up and links to share this morning, and a bit of all-over-the-place reading for you this AM.

  • Let's see, here's Mark Martin's and my old Tundra era compadre Marc Arsenault's new Wow Cool website: "News on Art, Video and Music by Marc Arsenault, Jason Martin, Simon Gane, Ian Lynam, Steven Cerio, Reverend Joshua Baker and the bands Brown Cuts Neighbors, nickname: Rebel, Evidence, Broken Seats, Krebstar and many more."

  • Marc and Wow Cool also hosts The Stupid Pages: "...taste the loveliness of the Stupid Pages, as comitted by Jason Martin, Marc Arsenault, James Kopta, and guests Colleen Martin and Steven Cerio (and maybe others). Every week we publish the webcomic The Stupid Pages. It’s stupid, it’s simple, it’s occasionally funny. Also, commentary on bad advertising, punk rock, psychogeography, green building and more. (OK not so much of that later stuff yet)."

  • Enjoy!

    I'll be writing about and posting links for this year's Center for Cartoon Studies new class (and they all have class!), but it's timely to post this link to
  • Publishers Weekly's article on Chicago Art Institute graduate and current CCS freshmen/grad student Lucy Knisley, whose new creation French Milk has been catching a buzz.

  • Congrats, Lucy, and best of luck!

  • Here's Lucy's current site; the link at the PW article seems to be, uh, dead, but this one's alive.
  • (And should you wish to own your own copy of French Milk, here ya go -- order it now.)

  • Have a great Wednesday, I gotta go teach...

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