Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tuco Loves Everyone!


In the past few weeks, our cat Tuco has proven to be the most social cat Marge and I have ever known. He's always greeting everyone in the coming and going of the move prep, and he whole-heartedly approved of the prospective new buyers/owners of our Marlboro home (by falling asleep on the fellow's lap during their first visit!). Here he is amid a interspecies lovefest with Penina, one of the CCS freshman (during the move this past Saturday).

Much to report, but man, I am beat. The current semester of CCS is now over for me -- I wrapped up my classes yesterday and this morning, then bombed back to Marlboro to be here for the plumber, seeing to minor but necessary repairs for this Friday's inspection.

But, like, that's boring, eh?

In the meantime, enjoy the following goodies -- plenty of eye-candy and virtual-fun:

  • Joe Lambert's photo album of our move this past Saturday, and a partial tour of the home we're leaving...

  • Joe's photo journal of the CCS auction's downstairs sketch factory, which was cooking away a mere two Saturdays ago --

  • -- and Sukimon's photo album of the CCS auction's main action, upstairs!

  • The auction was a great success, BTW, and big fun. And you missed it --

    Happy Holidays, one and all!


    Blogger HemlockMan said...

    Oh! The original to TYRANT 4!!! Holy Crom! What a gorgeous work!

    I always loved that one. Amazing--the tears flowing out of the egg-stealer's eyes! Ouch!

    The new house looks very nice.

    Anonymous sp said...

    iT IS ALL SO BEAUTIFUL AND YOU DESERVE every bit. You've grown quite handsome in you old age ... it's a long run from the snaggle-toothed, crew cutted, never laid Geek at JSC.

    Blogger SRBissette said...

    "Never laid Geek." That was me! Sex was a miserable experience as a young Catholic lad. Thank God (literally) I outgrew that. Snaggle-toothed and horse-faced, still, though.


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