Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's All for Rock'n'Roll!

Update on the Brattleboro Scene: Here's
  • yesterday's news story I referred to from The Brattleboro Reformer;
  • and here's
  • today's Reformer followup.
  • In short, The Dr. Phil Show indeed showed last night, but the teen protestors were ready for 'em. What were they protesting? It's unclear as ever ("We're so jaded by this media coverage that we've forgotten about what we were making a statement" -- nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!), but it's "all for rock'n'roll" now, bunky! Jeremiah Crompton and Alec McPherson insisted on being filmed only in the buff when with their guitars, refused any of the program's planned staged nudity (in front of one of Brat's churches; in front of shocked old ladies, etc.), and now it's all about their band, Corpsicle Rok City. Media-savvy youth, the world is your oyster.

    For the record: HomeyM notes, via email, "Steve Steidle comes out for nudity?", citing this item from Reformer reporter Howard Weiss-Tisman's earlier coverage of the August 18th incident and its repercussions: "Word that the Selectboard was going to take up the issue caused a small group of young men and women to throw off their clothes in protest two weeks ago today.

    "This is something the town needs to look at," Selectboard Chairman Stephen Steidle said."

    Also for the record: Alec and his twin brother Ian collaborated with their peers on a short feature film earlier this year, Delusion, while completing their Senior year at Brattleboro Union High School and studies with the Center for Digital Art in Brat. Ian was the primary creative force on Delusion -- he wrote and directed -- a distinctively Brian DePalma-esque thriller consciously spiced with touches of Roman Polanski and Nicolas Roeg, and a pretty polished piece of work for a student debut feature it was, too.

    More on Delusion and the CDA in future installments...


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