Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday Morning Whizbang

* Bye, bye, Joe: " Hours after losing his Democratic primary to an anti-war businessman, Senator Joe Lieberman vowed to continue his run for a fourth term as an independent, saying Wednesday that he had to do it for the good of the country and no one could persuade him to drop out."

Though I disagreed every step of the way with Lieberman's stance on the war, if Joe had put half the time into substantial debate (which was nonexistent) on the Iraq War and issues of substance that he did into censoring video games and media, he'd have my sympathies. As it is, this is the first good news of the election season; I'm not sorry to see Joe go. More info
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    * My grandchildren are here -- gotta run!


    Blogger Daniel Barlow said...

    Considering how close the race ended up - less than 3 percentage points and well within the margin of error for most political polls - it seems logical that perhaps Lieberman could have been victorious yesterday had he not hedged his bets with a two-pronged approach by announcing his independent intentions one month ago.

    He obviously wants to continue representing CT, yes. But turning his back on the party like that probably lost him the support that would have pushed him over the finish line.

    Still, no big loss for the country or the Democratic party. Lieberman as the VP pick was one of the deciding factors for myself for not supporting that ticket that year.


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