Thursday, July 13, 2006

EVERMORE! Good News for Sparky! (And All Richard Corben Fans...) Not to Mention Great New Work from Mark Martin, Rick Veitch, and Bob Fingerman...

Hey, I've recently completed a bunch of writing for
  • but there's way more there than just my piddly-ass scribblings to check out there...

    * My review of the new Richard Corben/Rick Margopoulos comic, Edgar Allan Poe's Haunts of Horrors is
  • lurking here.
  • [Cover art (c)2006 Richard Corben.]

    * Mark Martin fans,
  • you most definitely need this,
  • not to mention
  • your Friday fix of Everything.

  • * Rick Veitch fans,
  • you can get Can't Get No.

  • * Bob Fingerman fans,
  • you need some Recess Pieces, like, now.

  • Note there's always
  • a bounty of exclusives at,
  • and they're worth checking out first before you shop elsewhere, 'cuz PaneltoPanel is working with the creators themselves to bring 'em to you.

    Have a great weekend -- I'll try to post, but only time will tell if I can!


    Blogger Colin Tedford said...

    Hi Steve,

    I know your email situation can get kind of hairy, so I am posting this here as well (the announcement also resides at the Trees & Hills website):

    "I would like to invite any & all cartoonists in VT, NH and western MA (and beyond, if inclined) to a gathering of cartoonists on Saturday, July 29 from 12-5pm. We will meet in the sunny, well-tabled food court of the Colony Mill Marketplace in Keene, NH (NOTE: this event is not sponsored by the venue; the venue is a convenient public place). We'll probably meet elsewhere in the future, but it's a nice enough space to work and socialize in. Bring your comic-making supplies and prepare for creation and camaraderie - and if you have "product" (comics - mini or otherwise, t-shirts, etc.) feel free to bring some to sell or trade! I run a mini comics distro and will be buying comics. For more info, post a comment or email colin at artforest dot org."

    I met a couple of the lucky incoming CCS students Tuesday, and acquired a "Virgisaurus" statuette at the Main St. Museum. Yeah!

    Take care,

    Blogger Colin Tedford said...

    Ut, forgot a link: directions to Colony Mill - food court is near Gilbo Ave. entrance.


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