Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Caveman Steve Like Cave Paintings

I've been wrestling since 7 AM with trying to send two pieces of art to a publisher in Italy. It simply isn't working for a variety of reasons -- including the lack of DSL or any affordable higher-speed alternative to our snail-telephone-line online access -- and I'm ready to toss all this computer equipment off the cliff in the back yard.

Thankfully, my good friends in Italy are patiently working with me, and I am now seeking outside assistance. No, don't write me with suggestions: it's all Greek to me. Simple steps for computer-literate folks ("upload to my ftp link") are gibberish to Luddite Bissette, and I'll need some hands-on, person-in-the-room assist with all this.

It seems like our slow-speed access may be the biggest hurdle, and for that there's no affordable solution in reach as yet. "What's green and goes backward?" (an old VT riddle, with two answers if you've got a cold like I have)

TWO additions to my faves of the year that came to mind after my last 'fave' post:

* THE CORPSE BRIDE: Loved this stop-motion feature as much as I loved Wallace & Gromit's latest outing, and particularly enjoyed the overt nod to the old Rankin-Bass theatrical feature Mad Monster Party? via the Peter Lorre maggot living in the bride's eye socket.

* DOMINO: Already wrote this up, but Tony Scott's latest multi-textural overload opus was a splendidly misanthropic road movie, a sister of sorts to Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects and the better of the two psycho-siblings at that.

OK, off to find some help sending this art off to the land of Fellini, Pasolini, Bava, Leone, Diabolik, Argento, Soavi and Fulci...


Blogger Marty said...

Steve, if you have a cd burner or zip drive, you can send me the files and I can upload them here at work for you. Overnight it and I can do it first thing in the morning.

-Marty Langford

Blogger SRBissette said...

Yo, Marty -- thanks, but I'm driving off with the material on my storage device and hope to resolve this before 5 PM. Still, THANK YOU -- you're a pal!

Blogger Marky Mark said...

ha ha!
Cant FTP!

Blogger Daniel Barlow said...

Steve, if you are still having trouble drop me an email.

I'm only about 20 mins down the road from you with high-speed internet access :)


Blogger yesdear said...

ok what are the answers to the riddle...

Blogger Marky Mark said...

Oh for Pete's sake! What is this, "performance art"? Is this like John Cale's "silent music" or something? (or was that Brian Eno?) A protest against our national shame? Are you still trying to FTP???

Blogger HB3 said...

Recontextualizing emptiness into the blogosphere recapitulates silence as the presence of absence.

Blogger SRBissette said...

Thanks, HB3. You're still the lead in my pencil.


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