Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year! This Blog Has Been Liberated! Anyone can now comment!

First off, one and all -- Happy New Year! Now let's see if this old sot can make it to midnight this year. My balls dropped long ago.

OK, on to the big news:

Having finally had some time in the wee hours this morning to fully explore the setup of this blog and all, I have stumbled upon the means of liberation.

Huzzah! Dunston Checks Out!

The Blog is Dead! Long Live the New Blog!

As of this morning, commenting on this blog is a simple operation!

No more oppression of the unbloggified or the timid!

Lift your heads out of the tarn of repressed free speech and utter what you will! The monopolistic capitalization of the comment board by a chosen few is over!

A new dynasty of freeform blather is loosed! Spread wide your typographic colon and let splay the spew of your gray matter! Yawn vast and unpucker your gaping red-eye, spill your psychic small intestine and spatter my virtual-bowl with your issue!

OK, that's no longer an obstacle. Sorry I'm such a Luddite. Apparently, I could have done this months ago.

At some point, you never know, I might even be able to post images on this thing, or reset the clock to something other than a timezone in the mid-Pacific.

OK -- More later --


Anonymous Craig said...

Your comments on King Kong are right on the mark. Keep up the great work on your blog... and art!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your King Kong thoughts (and other posts).

I see the fan-hate towards your views on Kong the same as much of the hate spewn forth online these days. Your daring to actually like a film in a non-ironic way is standing in direct contrast to the average cinema "fan" of this day who needs for any sincerity in cinema to be ripped a new hole a la MSK300 fanboyishness, who can either only enjoy a film if it is being made fun of, comes from a foreign country, or is twenty years old or more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there have not been to movies in ages. we went to the family stone. her choice. mine is king kong. looking forward to it. happy new year...yesdear .. could not remember password.. not that easy still ....

happy new year

Anonymous Anthony said...

Blogger is a cool piece of software. I think that your KONG piece in its entirety is one of the best I've read about it yet - make sure you archive it for one of your future books Steve!

Blogger Marky Mark said...

anonymous #2:

a. who are you?

b. are you NUTS? "Hate spewn forth"? Mr. Pot, you are calling me black!

You have no idea, my friend. No idea. This is LOVE being practiced here, love for a great man, TOUGH LOVE for a dear old friend. There is nothing heroic about being a fan of King Kong and nothing hateful about loving Dunston Checks In! Go study some Rodney King videos, and learn to get along.

Peace out, my brother!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy new years steve!
there were some nice hats in king kong.


Blogger Marky Mark said...


Of course I meant anonymous number ONE - not yesdear.

Good Lord, I am getting as sloppy as Mike Dobbs!

Blogger HB3 said...

Hey, at least I'm housebroken....

Blogger SRBissette said...

THERE, posted the end of the Kong rant. Whew!

Don't worry, Anthony, it'll get a new polish and coat of paint, and I'll include it in one of my essay books for 2006. Thanks for the kind words.

Tough love, indeed, Mark! Keep it a'comin'!

Have a great one, Booz!

Happy New Year, one and all! I'm outta here till 2006 -- eat, drink, and be merry!

Blogger SRBissette said...

Oh, and hey, Josie! See you soon!

Hats? I was drunk on the critters... but ya, they knew how to make hats in the '30s, didn't they?


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